Now more than ever, we are all at risk of a cyber attack.

Every 14 seconds, a new organization gets hit by a cyber attack.

The most common cyberattack targets in 2021 were in the education and retail sectors. Statistics on ransomware have shown that 44 percent of education institutions were hit by ransomware in 2021, and the same percentage goes for retail organizations. These crimes have resulted in missed critical health appointments, delayed ambulances, lost school days, transportation problems, and more.

But cybersecurity risks aren’t just restricted to large-scale firms, they can be everyday consumers who can potentially fall prey to cyber crime schemes. According to a report, it only takes five minutes to hack all your connected devices. Every company is highly likely to eventually be affected by hackers.

More often than not WHEN, not IF, a hacker gets past your anti-virus, anti-malware, or firewall, you won’t know… but WE will.


ACF proprietary software sends a text to our technicians the instant when any type of software is installed on your system, malicious or not, or when a hacker turns off your anti-virus or malware protection software. We immediately determine the threat level, and if high enough, we simultaneously alert you with a text, email, or phone call. When updates from Adobe, Firefox, etc. are deployed universally to all their users, we receive texts from all of our client’s systems. Consequently, if a hacker is purposely disguising themselves to appear to look like an Adobe update, we immediately raise the threat level because our systems show it’s an isolated attack because our other clients are not receiving the same update.

Spammers and hackers purchase all the Antivirus and AntiMalware programs that are available, then modify their attacks so they are not detected. By the time the protection vendor software vendors catch up, thousands of users’ computers are infected. We are the last line of defense for those thousands of users.


ACF is your best line of defense. Contact us
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Joel Adelstone

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